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  • Where to buy office chairs?

    We spend 8 plus hours a day in them – leaning back, leaning forward, trying to sit up straight while typing, on conference calls and in meetings. Investing in something that makes that job easier is a smart move. The best way to purchase such an important asset is online. Obviously, you will see a vast selection and good range of prices so you will be able to make a good selection. You will also see more affordable pricing because you were able to cut out the middle man and you won’t be helping to pay for a showroom or a store’s overhead. Online selections also show user ratings – stars 1-5, plus their actual feedback which can help immensely with making a final decision.

    With over 30 years in business and a Better Business Bureau rating of A, Time Office Furniture is the best place to look for office chairs. We offer a vast selection of chairs that can fit the business needs of any company. We offer the best in style, the comfort of high-quality materials and a good variety of selections. From executive office chairs and ergonometric desk chairs to gaming chairs and more, Time Office Furniture is a leading global supplier. Check out our supply online here: https://www.timeofficefurniture.com/collections..

  • How much do office chairs cost?

    Office Chairs start around $30 but these will not last long and will not be very comfortable. The price range is wide… from $30 - $2000 and you really do get what you pay for. A good quality office chair is priced starting around $100. In the price range of $100-$400, you will find good options and all kinds of office chairs.

    When you shop with us, we will explain that the manufacturer’s warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship for one (1) year from the date of shipping. At our discretion, we will courier replacement parts immediately or ship a replacement product to you. This is a standard warranty and is in place to protect your purchase.

  • Where are the best office chairs?

    At Time Office Furniture, our aspiration is to design and build a better world around you. Whether you are a customer, employee, shareholder, or a neighbor, we will use our energy, creativity, and resources to improve the places where you work, heal, learn and live. Whether you're buying one of our ergonomic chairs, gaming chairs, executive chairs or work desks, we're certain it will become a favorite. Our products, along with our innovative business practices and a commitment to responsible leadership, have established us as an admired global company.

    What makes a good office chair is different for each individual. There are some main characteristics that everyone should look for when making their selection.

    • Comfort - A quality office chair provides comfort. This is most important because of the time we spend daily in the seat. When facing a computer monitor, leaning over to control your mouse or sitting on endless conference calls, the least you can do is make sure you are comfortable.
    • Support - A good office chair provides support where you need it most. Chairs with really soft seats may feel comfortable at first, but many do not provide ample support for your entire body and you will become uncomfortable after an hour or two.
    • Durability - A good office chair is durable and will last you several years. It should be a good investment into your health, productivity and comfort during the day.
    The best thing you can do to ensure your comfort during the day is to invest in a good office chair. Research top brands and ensure the chair you select is made of top grade materials and offers a great warranty. You can find all that and more with us at https://www.timeofficefurniture.com. Visit us today!

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Traditional Executive Chair Button Tufted Style Leather by TimeOffice

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  • Eric Reinerth

    “ We needed office chairs for our conference room. We really wanted them to look very professional, have high-quality leather and also be comfortable. After online chatting with a customer service agent at Time Office Furniture, we found 14 really awesome chairs that fit our conference room perfectly. ”

  • Dennis Gray

    “ We were all working on some really old office chairs. Finally, after several complaints, we ordered office chairs for everyone in our office. The first month, everyone could not stop talking about how much better their backs felt. It was a great purchase and Time Office Furniture was a great site to find exactly what we needed. ”