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Race Car Style Office Chair Gaming Ergonomic Leather Chair by TimeOffice

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Race Car Style Office Chair Gaming Ergonomic Leather Chair by Time Office

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Race Car Style Office Chair Gaming Ergonomic Leather Chair by TimeOffice

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Bolt Series High Back Ergonomic Gaming Chair by TimeOffice

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  • Where to buy gaming chairs?

    The best place to buy gaming chairs is online. Besides offering a wide variety to choose from, you have the added benefit of being able to see thousands of people’s ratings and reviews of the products. A normal rating is usually a 1-5 star rating accompanied by a review of how they liked or disliked a product. This is a great way to find out what products are leading in the market and which chairs users actually prefer.

    Another benefit to shopping for gaming chairs online is you can shop for the lowest price offered. Prices may be similar, but you can add up shipping, taxes and weigh the different warranties offered by each company. You also have the bonus of being able to find unique chairs that may not be in local stores near where you live. Time Office furniture stands out in this category because we have strategic relationships with specialized suppliers. There are many chairs on the market, but ours definitely stand out in appearance and our styles are different than most other stores offering gaming chairs – some are unique in the market. Log on today and visit our exclusive selection of gaming chairs at https://www.timeofficefurniture.com/collections/gaming-chair.

  • What are the best gaming chairs?

    Gaming chairs should be comfortable, nice looking, leather, have ergonomic features and good adjustability. The features that normally garner higher user ratings include:

    • Bucket-style - these feature a distinctive set of attributes that clearly have gamer appeal. High-quality picks are the most comfortable over time meaning you literally get what you pay for.
    • Racing-style – the style of these chairs normally take precedent over their comfort, but they tend to look really cool and some don’t mind the sacrifice.
    • Office-style – if you are willing to sacrifice a “cool look”, the most reported comfort falls in this category - but there doesn’t have to be a sacrifice of features and quality. Serious gamers know that in battles taking a few hours, an office style gaming chair will get you there in comfort.
    Build quality is really what wins out in the long run. Many people spend the same amount of time in gaming chairs as they do in their work chairs and that is why paying for quality is paramount. For example, race car chairs are designed to hold you in tightly to prevent moving around during very high speeds. If the car’s owner can afford a few bells and whistles, they get very nice leather, impressive stitching and they feel very smooth. But safety is the number one quality they have to have – no exceptions. Most gamers feel the same way about comfort. Time Office furniture offers all of this and a wide selection of styles. If you have any questions while viewing, we have 24/7 support to help you out.

  • What do gaming chairs do?

    PC or video gaming is a sedentary activity and gaming chairs offer improved seating positions. People who have no idea what a gamer actually does, they basically sit – for hours – not just playing video games, but engaging in a 3D video experience with multiple players that can be located anywhere around the world. They are all plugged in, hooked in and hooked up with headsets, the ability to talk to and hear each other, help out in combining forces to take over other teams of players or hold off “immortal enemies” of the game… and they want to be comfortable doing it.

    Gaming chairs offer the ultimate gaming experience and have built in surround sound. Yes, you read that right… a chair has built in surround sound and is ergonomically designed to allow for the most comfort. The built in surround sound wraps around your head and chairs vibrate. They are normally curved so your back will lay comfortably.

    If you’re interested in buying a gaming chair then you’ve come to the right place! We offer great customer service, good quality merchandise, great pricing, fast shipping and 30-day free return if you’re not satisfied with the product. Most products come with a two year warranty. Check us out today!

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Bolt Series High Back Ergonomic Gaming Chair by TimeOffice

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  • James Frazee

    “ Our son is a gamer. I was not happy about this at first, but the kid pulls straight A’s and I have nothing to threaten him with on that. So, for his birthday this year, we bought him one of the coolest gaming chairs on the market. The look on his face when he saw it will be etched into my memory forever… finally, I’m the cool mom. ”

  • Michael Schaible

    “ We picked out gaming chairs for our frat house… they were so cool, we got 6 more to use in other rooms. Tim Office Furniture had the best prices and shipping was fast. ”